New PE Kit

Having had a recent consultation with the school’s sports council, it was noted that the pupils would like to change the current PE kit for the boys and the girls “We would like to change it to a trendier kit as we feel that our current PE kit is a bit dated compared to the other schools in the county and beyond”.

The pupils in years 7-10 had the chance to vote and the result was:
Yes = 71%
No = 29%
Therefore the decision to have a new kit has been made.

The school has had several meetings with ‘Tees r us’ in Haverfordwest regarding new kit and they have designed visuals of what the new kit would look like. They will also supply one of our suppliers ‘Granby’s’ in Milford Haven with our new kit.
All prices will be the same as the present kit and pupils will be able to buy direct from the two shops, the PE department will receive 1 full team kit for a school team per year free of charge.
It is a phased process that will take up to 2 years for every one to have the new kit, so there is no need to buy pupils the new kit until their current kit is too small. However, new year 7’s in September will be in the new PE kit.
Please see the photos attached for an idea of how the new kit looks (sorry for the poor quality of the pictures)



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