Project Radio

‘Project Radio’

This Spring term a small group of year 9s have been involved in Project Radio. This project involved the students writing and recording their own podcast on a subject of their choice.

How the students felt about starting the project:

Before diving straight in, the students discussed what should be included in a podcast and how it should be delivered to make it appealing to the listener. They decided that speaking clearly, using persuasive language and injecting some humour would be important. They also agreed that speaking with confidence was crucial. The students planned and wrote their scripts. However, quite a few of them decided during recording that they could actually deliver a more natural and passionate speech without relying on their notes.

Matthew Podcast

Morgan Podcast

Limara Podcast

Amehlia Podcast

Holly Podcast

Miss Boalch’s Podcast

To mark the end of the project and celebrate their success at recording their podcasts, the year 9s visited the Radio Pembrokeshire studios in Narberth on 4th April 2017. They heard about life working in radio and also share their experience recording the podcasts. Helen met us at the studios and gave us a warm welcome. She showed us around and took us into the recording studio itself. She really put everyone at ease by chatting to us, she helped relieve some of the nerves! She first got the students to interview her, the she interviewed them and then the producer Lauren ended up getting interviewed too! The recording of Helen interviewing the students went on air the same day.

Students Interview Helen the Presenter

Presenter Helen Interviews Students

Student Interview Lauren the Producer

How the students felt after visiting the radio studios:

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